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JC was born June 12, 1999 - get his backstory)

All along, we’ve wanted to share our son, JC’s gift with others and

here’s how it happened: 

Observing JC and the community of special needs youth that he is a part has painfully awakened us to

how lonely they can be. 

Their friends can often just be teachers, temporary paid helpers or peers that understandably

move on with their lives in college or with their typical friends. 

Elderly Care, Friends, Senior Companion
Senior Care, Friends and Companions
Senior Care, Friends and Companions


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Like anyone else, these kids just want to be accepted or liked;

they want friends; they want purpose

and inclusion in our community.


These special needs kids are smart and

they are very aware of this reality,

but they move on with their lives like most of us do.


Most of them have dreams or goals that remain stagnant; 

they live a difficult reality of constant "failure".

They constantly adjust their own narrative to match that reality while still trying to avoid hopelessness. 

I cannot even pretend to imagine the frustration; however, they are blessed with a gift

that we only wish we could partially tap into.


The spontaneous joy that comes from being in the moment and truly content with the present

is something we all need to learn; the natural radar they can have for

goodness, joy and compassion is astounding!


They have a level of empathy that is difficult to match and a positive outlook that should be contagious!


JC came with me to New Orleans to “help” move my elderly aunt to the Chicago area.


That experience allowed me to witness his special gift; 

empathy, in bottomless quantities. 

Observing that gift in action was not new for me, but seeing it with the elderly was

truly eye opening! 


More importantly, recognizing how lonely and vulnerable the elderly seniors are, is what made the “light bulb” go on for me. 

That’s when my experience with seniors

turned into SeniorBuddies.org!

3 Big Hearts
Senior Care, Friends and Companions
Senior Care, Friends and Companions

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Senior Buddies, Friends, Companions
Senior Buddies, Friends, Companions

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Inspiration for SeniorBuddies.org
Inspiration for SeniorBuddies.org

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A perfect match!

The above is understandable and I guess; it makes sense. 

I must say, however, that there is another critical component to the magic that gave birth to this idea. 


Watching the three brothers interact over all these years has been a real joy, but William’s role was the clincher!  


In addition to being his younger brother....

William has been...

JC’s "mentor" and buddy since day one!

Elderly Helpers and Support Services
Elderly Helpers and Support Services

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Friends and Companions
Friends and Companions

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Buddy Program, Community Service
Buddy Program, Community Service

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You see,

JC is lonely and always needs

a friend and a “mentor”;

he doesn’t like to call it a babysitter; he’s 20! 


The constant rescue from loneliness or lack of friends; the endlessly repeating pattern of giving JC

purpose and companionship;

the never-ending effort to include JC and

make sure he felt part of “the group”;

that's what William did....for years!


William has a heart the size of North America! 

All three brothers do; in fact,

that is what inspired the 3 hearts in our logo...


3 Boys – 3 Big Hearts!

3 Big Hearts

The leadership that William (JC's brother) showed from

the day he realized his brother was special/different turned out to be destiny. 

William and his friends have been the "mentors" for years! 


Not only did William complete our family, but

he was the inspiration that provided the 3rd critical component needed to

complete the SeniorBuddies.org project;


where the final and critical component (Mentors)

created a companionship trio;

Our Buddy Program - SeniorsBuddies and Mentors - The 3 Hearts!

Destiny!  A Perfect Match!

Peter Pujals

3 Big Hearts

JC Pujals
William Pujals