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My Buddies and Me.....Just Care!

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(Venmo/Zelle to

Also, please direct major gifts, seed grants, foundation and corporate interests to:

This Win, Win, Win project is a massive undertaking well worth the effort and support! 

We appreciate your interest in helping fund

the SeniorBuddies program. 

All donations, large and small are greatly appreciated and proceeds go towards helping and supporting the project.

Our elderly senior citizens can often be lonely and in need of companionship. 

Our special needs community (our "buddies") are also in need of companions and purpose.  Our youth can benefit greatly from more interactions with

our elderly (Seniors) and our special needs (Buddies) communities. 

The personal human interactions, relationships and compassionate experiences are

more needed than ever and can be priceless in their

positive effects on all three;


Seniors, Buddies and Mentors!


Our program finds and provides activities that they can all enjoy together. 

SeniorBuddies is dedicated to this cheerful cause; companionship!

The most powerful element of this project is the

inability to select which group is benefiting the most;

Seniors, Buddies or Mentors!

Senior Living Care is

a Win, Win, Win!


Seniors, Buddies & Mentors also offers senior wellness and home support products

(coming soon).  

This On-line Senior Store helps support our buddy program and is being

designed to make this effort sustainable.  

Proceeds from product sales will also go towards helping and supporting the project. 

This model is designed to extend the

impact of all donations, funding grants and our major gifts program.



On-line Senior Store

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We are in the process of establishing the infrastructure necessary to ensure national success. 

Our regional prototype is in it's first phase and off to a good start. 

This model will be expanded to other areas and we welcome involvement from those interested in participating;

including qualified board members that we are in the process of selecting.

(Please direct any Confidential Requests to:

In addition,

we always welcome new ideas;

new Seniors; new Buddies; new Mentors!

Thank You for your support!

All Involvement, Donations and Ideas are Much Appreciated!

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(Please direct major gifts, seed grants, foundation and corporate interests to:

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