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Senior Living Services

We enjoy sharing fun or inspiring stories with pictures or short video clips. 

Empathy, love and big hearts! enjoys sharing inspiring stories that are heart warming and funny.  

Our goal is to create endless stories with

special moments and timeless memories for as many of our elderly seniors and their families as possible!


Enjoy the content shared below and send us your inspiring or heartwarming stories of Seniors, Buddies or both. thanks all of our website visitors.

We appreciate your participation...

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We look forward to sharing occasional heart warming and fun buddy stories!

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Special Tribute from JC
April 18, 2020 loves our Elderly Seniors! We visit them to have fun, laugh, be happy, help and provide companionship .....especially during trying times, isolation and COVID-19.
SeniorBuddies Just Care.....we miss you! Enjoy!

In Memory of:
Silvia M. Muniz
(August 1, 1929-March 18, 2020)

Coco the Dog with Shades

October 24,2018

Our journey began with a trip to New Orleans where my son JC with Down Syndrome and I went to move my elderly aunt to Chicago.  We'll share many stories along our journey.  Some are fun or funny like this one and some are inspiring which, of course, is why exists.....

Senior Buddies in New Orleans

October 24, 2018 was first inspired during this trip and the interactions with so many people, especially the elderly stood out!  Our buddies get a chance to express and share their individual passions for dancing, music, acting, performing arts, games, hobbies, etc with our senior living communities.  The elderly don't care what their passion is.....they appreciate all interactions!  Elderly care and companionship comes in many flavors!

Unfiltered Enthusiasm

October 24,2018

JC's dream is to perform in Times Square on New Year's Eve one day!  That's a tall order, but starting at Cafe Du Monde on Decatur Street near Jackson Square and two blocks from Bourbon Street is not a bad start! ​ This is the energy and "unfiltered" natural fun that our senior elderly communities enjoy!

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