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Elderly Care and Senior Living Support Services

SeniorBuddies' Activities

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All companionship activities are cheerful and uplifting!

Join us for a SeniorBuddies Group Session in your community


Schedule something that best suits each senior's need or interests. 

Please suggest additional activities that might be appropriate. 

We always welcome new ideas for

our Buddy Programs.

Laugh, Play Uno or Checkers, Just Visit, Get Assistance with Simple Tasks, etc

Senior Services

Senior-Buddy Companionship

Have a few laughs and have some fun!  Play Uno or Checkers, Get Assistance with Simple Tasks or Just Visit!  Let us help?  We........Just Care!

3 Big Hearts

Enjoy some time playing games or adding to your day by spending time with a happy, joyful're worth it!

Senior Living Support Services
Elderly Support Services

Engaging in the arts with our special needs buddies can be the most joyful experience one can have.  They have a totally different perspective and we know you would enjoy this time!

Play Checkers, Uno, Cards, etc

Play Guitar, Listen to Music or Just Hangout

3 Big Hearts
3 Big Hearts

Get help with Laundry/Packages/Groceries

Ask our buddies to help with your laundry or carrying groceries and packages.  They love helping and you'll enjoy their loving support!

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Senior Services
Senior Care Services

Get help with dishes or garbage

We can help with simple household tasks like taking out your garbage, washing a few dishes or helping with basic tasks.

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