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....when my experience with seniors turned into!

Elderly Care Services

Ms. Marie

March 1, 1934 - October 22, 2019

Senior Companion Care

The most special moment; and "...what made the 'light bulb' go on for me" to inspire the start of was a moment so personal, so special that I could not denigrate it with a photograph.     It was a moment, like many that we each have, that was worthy of the highest classification, not a picture; 

.....only a crystal clear and timeless memory!  ​


That honor is well placed with Ms Marie as a result of our visit in Thibodaux, La., one year before her last day.  As my good friend (her son) put it, " She was always the epitome of grace and hospitality.  Marie was mother, confessor in chief, and empathizer for many in and outside her nuclear family.  Her wisdom, clear thinking, and enormous heart will be missed by all she touched."

During our visit to see her, Ms Marie sat in her usual spot while I chatted with her about everything, as we always did.  JC was quietly on the side, but his empathy radar "was on" as it always is.   As our conversations took us on "memory lane", he eased over to hold her hand while gently stroking her arm as her tears flowed peacefully down her face and the comfort that he shared exposed the warmth and joy that was simultaneously embracing her big heart.  It was almost like she was receiving in return a small dose of all the empathy she was known to provide for others! is proud to attempt to continue to share that "enormous heart" and maybe it doesn't need to be "missed" as much.  We feel privileged to honor her example with as many "crystal clear and timeless memories" as we can create for others going forward!

That indelible moment will never be forgotten.  It will never be shared with the picture that I never took, but I hope it is repeated many times over for others,  in her memory!

Forever in our hearts!

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