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Elderly Care and Senior Living Support Services


Senior Living Companion

If you are a member of our valuable senior citizen community or know someone who is and want to help our special needs community with purpose,

please sign up.


We all experience difficulties on a daily basis and getting help from

"Buddies" is always welcomed. 


Even with our challenges, as difficult as they might be, we cannot begin to imagine the lingering loneliness that our elderly seniors often endure. 


They confront their mortality and their diminishing health constantly.....and yes,

they welcome our support! 

Our support is helpful to "Seniors" and enlightening to us!


Learn more about Buddies and Mentors



3 Big Hearts

If you have ever witnessed a

room of elderly seniors "light up"

when a young person

walks into the room; then 

you know what we mean!

In return, our seniors provide the friendships and purpose

that our buddies seek.


They create special bonds that result in joy, happiness and purpose for both,

our seniors and their buddies

is dedicated to this cause. 

A perfect match!


We..........Just Care!

3 Big Hearts
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