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Special Thanks to so Many!

We have so many people to thank!  As you know by now, this idea was born inside our own family experience and it was given life through our interactions with all of you out there!  My trip to Louisiana with my buddy JC in October 2018 and our experiences with so many of you during that trip is what triggered the idea.

First, let me thank our sons and their mom where family inspirations are so often rooted!  JC was the priceless blessing that provided all the experiences of love, compassion, enlightenment and joy that eventually woke us up to this concept of pairing Seniors, Buddies and Mentors in a way that helps them benefit from the same joy we have experienced. 
Thank you JC!

Thank you William! 
The mentor concept would have never come about if we had not lived for all these years watching you as the first "Mentor" doing his thing.  Observing the natural pairing of JC's first "mentor" (his brother William) as his guide and partner gave life to the need and mutual benefit of this buddy program.  William has been a phenomenal mentor who has involved many of his peers along the incredible influence and what inspired the Mentor!  My favorite observation has been that it is difficult to argue who is benefiting the most in this special partnership; the Senior, the Buddy or the Mentor!  At any given moment, I can easily argue that each of the three (Seniors, Buddies, Mentors) is the biggest benefactor!  William and JC's older brother Peter was (and continues to be) the outstanding example and prototype that naturally led to the mentorship we have witnessed in William and his friends.  Peter and his friends were the catalysts in so many ways......I'll never forget the "rock band" that they graciously brought to our backyard for one of JC's birthdays so that he could feel like he was the rock and roll star that he wants to be one day!
Thank you, Peter!

C.C., my wife, thank you for all the endless work, love and dedication that you have provided from day one!  Your endless effort (still going) is what has made us into the family that we have become and the example that created the first Buddy (JC) and the first Mentor (William); you are who inspired us all! 
Thank you, CC!

I have always thought that the most credit should go to those whose daily life THIS ISN'T, but who still go out of their way to contribute and participate!  Our trip to Louisiana was filled with these friends Billy and Jay, thank you for embracing JC,  he had a BLAST in New Orleans because of you!  Billy's parents, thank you; you were so kind and loving as welcoming!  My cousin Vivian and her husband Gus (and their daughters) were so hospitable....thank you for tolerating us!  I will NEVER forget Gus' initial interaction with JC on the sidewalk in front of his house!  You still let us stay there :) !!

 Thank you, Tia Silvia!    
 (August 1, 1928 - March 18, 2020)
  Special Tribute from JC
Of course, my Tia Silvia; the reason that we went to Louisiana.....!  Thank you, Tia Silvia!  You started us on this mission and before we even realized it, we were living the SeniorBuddies experience and meeting all your new friends in your senior living community in Chicago; we are constantly witnessing experiences that continue to validate this beautiful project.  Our trip to pick you up in New Orleans led us to see my dear friends in Thibodaux (including my unforgettable moment with Ms. Marie) and family in Florida too.  Thank you also, Tia Sarita for being yet another example of (while visiting you in Gaineville, FL) the beauty of SeniorBuddies in action! 
Watching JC interact with all of you is what led to this idea!  Our hope is that serves as the catalyst into the future that allows many many others the opportunity to enjoy some of the same joy and love that y'all made possible during our maiden voyage to Louisiana! exists because of you!


                                   My Buddies and Me.......Just Care!

The journey continues and years later many more of you have made impacts that you may not even be aware of.  I want to thank my friend Kevin whose lunch visit and conversation with me launched this effort; Peter who set up the meeting with Kevin: my close friend Donald who's eulogy (for his mother, Ms Marie) one year later further inspired this effort; my good friend Billy (and his family) who during that funeral visit once again fueled my inspiration without realizing it; while I witnessed his genuine interactions with JC.  Thank you to my own mother Graziella (featured on Home Page) who was the first to embrace JC's love and joy many years ago by interacting with him always in a natural fun loving way that encouraged his participation.  She also taught the rest of us us by her example to love and care for the disadvantaged and the elderly!  Our son, William has done EVEN MORE since the start of this and I want to thank him and his friends along with the unquestionable support that is continually being provided by the management team at Tia Silvia's, Embark Senior Living community.  Management there and the residents are all making this possible; thank you! 

Undoubtedly, there will be many more who are supporting this effort; including those spreading the word and all of you who are taking the time to explore our website, subscribe and participate; not to mention the many of you who are helping with funding such an important effort!  
This is a major undertaking and every contribution has been critical.  The excitement continues!
Thank you for all of your support!

Senior Care
Elderly Care

So  Many  Thanks  to  All  of  You!

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