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Elderly Care and Senior Living Support Services


Senior Living Assistance

We all lead very busy lives, but if you ever get a chance to closely

observe a young adult with "special needs",

please do!


You might notice that they are with family or a relative; seldom with a friend. 

Like our senior citizens, they are often lonely!

Seniors and Buddies are a perfect match!

They provide

pure love and companionship

for each other...

Learn more about Seniors and Mentors

3 Big Hearts

Our young adult community with intellectual disabilities are usually in desperate need of legitimate acceptance and genuine relationships or friends. 

We can help! is dedicated to this cause.  

We.........Just Care!

  You will also find a very refreshing and genuine sense of joy in their midst. 

They are an abundant source of happiness, innocence

and the

peaceful complacency that

the rest of us thirst!

Their "disability"...

What a beautiful ability!


3 Big Hearts

They see the world through a different lense,

a refreshing perspective!

Senior/Buddy Activities include:

  • Delivering Postal Packages

  • Assistance with Laundry Services

  • Front Door Greeting Assistance

  • Playing Board Games or Cards with Seniors (Uno, Checkers,etc)

  • Playing Guitar, Music or Singing for Fun

  • Helping with Household Duties such as Garbage, Dishes,etc

  • General Companionship Visits or Activities

Our "buddy program" unites this young fountain of light hearted joy with the senior community who clearly enjoys their gift.


Our "Buddies" seek friendships and purpose; the very purpose and special bonds that our "Seniors" can provide. 

3 Big Hearts

Seniors and Buddies are a perfect match!

is dedicated to this cause. 

We.........Just Care!

3 Big Hearts
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