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Elderly Care and Senior Living Support Services


Senior Helpers

Our volunteer "Mentors" are the 3rd component of our "SeniorBuddies" program" and a very significant partner.

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A perfect match!

If you are one of our young adults, a student

or know someone who is interested in

a rewarding service opportunity,

a uniquely valuable college/job recommendation or simply

a happy, light hearted

experience in life.....

please consider our "Mentor" program. 

As we mentioned previously,

our special needs Buddies are in

need of friends


our Mentors fill that gap 

...and much more!

3 Big Hearts

Our mentors are peers mostly selected from college student groups, young adults or high school seniors who volunteer in exchange for this rewarding experience!  It's a great way to "smell the roses" in a world full of expectations and competition!  There is no better source for the much needed empathy and perspective that our youth needs to balance today's current environment! 

What this very experience did for our boys

(JC's brothers) is priceless!


They serve as

"job coaches" or "mentors" who provide

direction and support.  They are trained and the careful selection process is followed by guidance and supervision.


In addition, the mentor is asked to spend an hour of personal friend time with their buddy

for every few hours of senior buddy time spent. 


These top teer young adult leaders are provided with

recommendation letters

for college or career aspirations.


They often volunteer to satisfy service hours or volunteer experiences that

support their personal goals and interests.


This is a win/win/win proposition for all three "buddies"!

Learn more about Seniors and Buddies

3 Big Hearts is dedicated to this cause.                                                  We ..............Just Care!

The Mentor is responsible for:

  • Buddy Direction and Support

  • Job Task Understanding

  • Safety and Job/Rules Discipline

  • Record Notes/Ideas that enhance or improve the program

  • Take pictures to share the endless moments of joy and fun!

  • Work with and communicate with management to ensure buddy program success

  • Ensure satisfaction and positive experiences for all involved, especially our elderly seniors

3 Big Hearts
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